Sunday worship is the heart of our life together in Christ. The first part of our service focuses on God as revealed in scripture (The Liturgy of the Word). The second part focuses on God as revealed in the meal Jesus told us to continue in his name (The Liturgy of the Table/Eucharist/Mass). After worship, we enjoy getting to know one another over coffee and refreshments. On most Sundays, some kind of discussion or education program is offered, to help people reflect on their lives and deepen their understanding of the faith.

Large print bulletins and braille copies of the hymns are available every Sunday.

Our worship together reminds us who we are -- beloved children of God -- in a world where it's easy to forget that. It also strengthens us for service in our families, local communities, and global community.    

Our church was built in 1887, rebuilt after a fire in 1959, and renovated in 2009. The excellent acoustics of our beautiful, flexible worship space support our singing and other musical offerings.  

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