Giving and Stewardship


Giving is a Spiritual Practice

Our parish, like all Episcopal parishes, is supported almost entirely by annual pledges from our members and friends. Pledges allow us to carry out the mission God calls us to. They also allow our parish to support the broader mission of the church through our diocese and the national Episcopal Church. We give out of thanksgiving for all God has done for us. We give knowing that we are stewards of time, talent, and money, called by God to discern how best to use these resources to bless and love in Christ's name. Pledges are not "dues," and there is no set amount to give.  Most parishioners fill out a pledge card during stewardship season and make their donation regularly when the plate is passed during the Offertory on Sunday. Numbered envelopes are available that ensure that your donation is credited to you whether you contribute by cash or check. There are also other options for making donations (see below) that are automatically charged to your credit card or bank account on a one-time or regularly recurring basis.

One option is to set up a one-time or recurring donation using your computer or mobile phone using the website You can have the donation charged to your credit card or bank account:

Online Banking Bill Pay

Another way to give is to set up a one-time or recurring online payment using your bank's web site or mobile service. When you set up an online payment to CGS, your bank will mail a check on your behalf directly to the church. Most banks do not charge for this service so your entire gift will go directly to the Church of the Good Shepherd.

Use this address when you are completing your bank's online account setup:

Church of the Good Shepherd
9 Russell Avenue
Watertown, MA 02472

You can use the memo line to indicate a specific mission or focus for your contribution, like "Landscaping" or "Memorial gift".

Links to Online Payment Help Pages:

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    Capital One
    Independence Bank
    Signature Bank
    TD Bank




Make a Donation using our PayPal account
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