About Our Worship

Sunday worship is the heart of our life together in Christ. The first part of our service focuses on God as revealed in scripture (The Liturgy of the Word). The second part focuses on God as revealed in the meal Jesus told us to continue in his name (The Liturgy of the Table/Eucharist/Mass). After worship, we enjoy getting to know one another over coffee and refreshments. On most Sundays, some kind of discussion or education program is offered, to help people reflect on their lives and deepen their understanding of the faith.

Large print bulletins and braille copies of the hymns are available every Sunday.

Our worship together reminds us who we are -- beloved children of God -- in a world where it's easy to forget that. It also strengthens us for service in our families, local communities, and global community.  

Our church was built in 1887, rebuilt after a fire in 1959, and renovated in 2009. The excellent acoustics of our beautiful, flexible worship space support our singing and other musical offerings.  

Learn more about worship at CGS here.

About Our Ministry
Focused and inspired through worship, we go out into the world to care for and work with our neighbors, near and far. Some of our central commitments are:

 * Developing community gardening in Watertown and promoting food justice;
 * Working with other faith communities to bring healing and hope to families
    and those seeking employment; 
 * Educating about, praying for, and promoting a just peace for all in
 * Welcoming all to Christ's table and as full partners in ministry, including 
    LBGT persons. 
 * Through our life together and our educational programs, forming our children
    in contemplative practice, care for the earth, and doing justice.

We are active in the Alewife Deanery of the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts, a regional cluster of parishes working together and resourcing one another for mission. We strive to use our church facility to serve the community as much as possible, hosting recovery groups, children's programs, Real Meals (community dinners), throughout the week.
About Children's Formation & Ministry with Families:
We believe that both children and parents need support and skills for living their faith and navigating life's challenges. All sorts of families working with all sorts of challenges are welcome and present in our community, and all are treasured here.

All children are always welcome in worship, and active participation in worship is part of how they are formed in faith. Children take on liturgical ministries alongside adults on many Sundays each year, from Pentecost to Palm Sunday to our Christmas Pageant in December. On many Sundays during the academic year, elementary school aged children meet at 9 am for age-appropriate learning.

For information about our formation curriculum and registration, click on the "CGS Family Ministries" calendar link in the left-hand column of this page.

Middle School Youth Group -- a joint venture with Christ Church, Waltham -- meets once a month for fellowship, service, adventure and prayer. Oh, and food!  

Safeguarding God's Children: Our Shared Ministry

Our parish is striving to serve a new generation of children.  The physical and emotional safety of the children we serve is of the highest priority.  Our vestry has completed a Safe Church Policy for CGS.  This document is our communal covenant, explaining how we screen and select adults who work with youth here, our behavioral standards for adults working with children, and how we will respond to concerns or grievances.  

We have also created guidelines for our Sunday nursery, so that parents will know what to expect, how to prepare well for their child's visit to our nursery, and what they can do to ensure the health and safety of all children in the nursery.

Click below to read these documents: 

Safe church policy

Nursery guidelines